Welcome to Sondist!

In the relational world, misunderstandings often occur when people aren’t properly attuned to each other’s perspectives. It’s like you and the other are standing on opposite cliffs of a canyon. Sondist aims to help you bridge the canyon so that you can see, understand, predict and communicate from another’s perspective. In short, Sondist teaches you to meet people where they are truly at.


Two-prong approach 

Understand you
To be an effective colleague, manager, friend, lover, or parent you need to know where you are coming from. This means unpacking belief sets and exploring how you decide and actionize your ideas, hopes, worries, best intentions. It’s knowing what version of you is role playing and what importance does that hold to you.

Understand the other
It’s instinctive to project our subconscious beliefs, opinions, biases and values onto others. To assume that our truths are their truths. 60% of the time, you can live harmoniously. The remaining 40% is where conflict, stress, discomfort and avoidance arise. Where clarity is hazy and you’re not sure whether you’re doing something right or wrong. All you know is you’re questioning the effectiveness of your approach.

Coaching sessions will swing in between these viewpoints as we slowly work towards closing the gap between what you do and what you think the other does.


 Your coach 

Theresa Nguyen is the founder of SONDIST. She is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation. She completed her training in 2017 with Integral Coaching Canada.

Manager Life

Prior to starting SONDIST, Theresa spent nine years working at Shopify - an e-commerce giant that is changing the face of retail. She started off as the first employee of the Support team. Her ability to think calmly and creatively in the face of chaos coupled with steadfast decisiveness allowed her to grow her team internationally to 400+ employees in under four years. Through this experience, she learned valuable lessons in hiring/developing/retaining great managers, how to deal with demanding executives and the importance of building high performance teams. She also earned battle scars through a few mutinies, poor hiring decisions, rigid compensation structures and everything that can go wrong when you have to make a decision in a room rife with opinions (or dead silence). With her wealth of experience in the arena of high-tech startups, Theresa lends a particularly unique lens to just how much self development in and out of the workplace can benefit yourself, your colleagues and your loved ones.

Personal Life

Theresa was born in Canada. Her parents were refugee immigrants who did their best to acclimatize to a vastly different culture while keeping their culture as alive and relevant as possible. This challenging upbringing moulded Theresa into the role of the family black sheep. As a black sheep does, Theresa has programmatically built her success by pushing the boundaries of what “standard living” looks like. In her early twenties, she became a single mother, joined Shopify and completed her Bachelors of Business. When her daughter was four, Theresa met her partner and stepdaughter. After only dating a few months, both families took a leap of faith and moved in together introducing Theresa to the world of blended, interracial parenting. The couple eventually had another baby who was born with multiple life threatening heart defects. Stepping away from her career, Theresa became a full time caregiver adding a whole set of new challenges including months of living in hospitals, isolation, anxiety, depression and PTSD. Through these health and life challenges Theresa was forced to confront and redefine her vision of success and wellbeing many times over.