This is not an industry standard approach. After a decade of working with different coach/therapy practitioners, I have seen the same two challenges:

1) So much stuff can happen in between coaching sessions stagnating momentum. 

2) After a wonderful and intense coaching experience, clients are thrown back into reality and over time, slip back into old habits.   

The Sondist coaching program pivots in real-time to synchronize with your environment by tightening the frequency of coaching sessions. It also actively supports the aftermath of personal growth by including a a complimentary tune up session after program completion.

Anyone in a hypergrowth situation. A hypergrowth situation typically includes an tight period of time coupled with a high need for change and/or new capacities. Some examples of hypergrowth scenarios are:

- Promoted to a new role and don’t have enough time/support to ramp up

- Unexpected life challenges in areas like burnout, identity crisis, team mutinies, divorce/separation/infidelity, etc.

- Breaking unhealthy patterns that keep persisting despite all attempts to change like time management, weight loss, stuck in a unrewarding job, etc.

- Unlimited sessions

- All sessions are remote and available over FaceTime, google hangouts or old school phone calls

- You have the flexibility to spread out sessions however you need over 5 weeks. If you need to compress back-to-back sessions into one week - you can!

- Each session focuses on the challenges, mindsets and behaviours you’re facing. Together, we come up with some practices/homework to do before our next meeting. These practices target new ways of thinking, new actions and behaviours all meant to serve in opening the range of possibilities with the topic at hand. They also keep you accountable to your coaching topic.

- Text/email/phone communication included. Sometimes a full session isn’t needed. Example: You may need me to look over a quick email before you send it to your bosses. Or maybe you send me a quick text before entering that meeting we’ve been preparing for. I will respond to texts within 4 hours and respond to emails within 12 hours.

- You will receive a complimentary tune up session reminder 3 months after you finish your program.

In your first coaching session, you will be asked to describe what success looks like at the end of your coaching program. There will be, at minimum, 3 checkpoints throughout your program to ensure you feel like we are progressing towards those success markers. 

After you complete your program, you are welcome to text/email anytime. I will also follow up with you at the 3 month mark to see how you are doing and if you would like a complimentary tune up session.

In cases where you finish your program early and have left over sessions, you can either:

- reserve sessions and use later;

- request a refund (applicable within 20 weeks from your first session)