Theresa is one of the most supportive and non-judgmental humans out there! She is an essential ingredient to career success, in my opinion; her niche and strategic viewpoints truly add the X factor to anyone who has had the opportunity of working with her! Theresa is raw, direct and brilliant! She has helped shaped so many of my approaches to business and self-promotion. She just gets it - she knows how to work with people and can help guide you to a comfortable and authoritative position in your career, regardless of which stage you are currently at. Book Theresa, it’ll be so worth it!


Theresa has the art of cutting through and getting to the true essence. In a very short span we were able to traverse issues with prioritization, values, and permission to self for abundance of choice. I was able to find my confidence, support structure, and language for the next transition in my career. What surprised me most, was how quickly we were able to establish trust and how the stories we tell ourselves can be peeled away to reconcile the essential and social selves. I’m beyond excited to keep each session, knowing the work will be hard but the insight priceless.